• Lipstick
Joséphine Hoy

Joséphine is like a jukebox: always playing a different music and a different idea with her ten little fingers

Because she liked the art of makeup so much –brushes, lip sticks, foundation and all that jazz– she first decided to become a makeup artist. She loved to play with colors, shades, textures and glitter dust, liners and shading, and so she left her little hometown in the South of France to perfect her skills in the big city of Lyon. Then, it is with much surprise (but even more pleasure) that she found herself immersed in a whole new world where volumes are mixed with eccentricity: the hairdressing world. Combs, hairspray and scissors became her new best friends. The young makeup artist then added other strings to her bow with new haircut techniques, backcombing and sets! After numerous photoshoots, she went from fashion to theatre, from buns to glitter dust. She is a makeup artist, yes, a hairdresser, sure, but she is also a wigmaker! (Oh look, another string!) She just loves to play with hair, body, face, details. Because she is pretty curious in general, she did not stop there and started learning the fine art of barbering, between moustaches and beards, razors and clippers (alright enough with the strings now…). She is based in London but goes wherever she is needed, different cities, different regions, from weddings to movie sets. She will then, when all this is over, stop by the salon and trim a few beards, until her next adventure! She is a meticulous and creative frequent traveler. Take a look at her journey through these photos, there is no doubt you will see yourself in them!